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Mt Freeling Station


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About Us

Mt Freeling Station is a 1000 km2 pastoral property (currently largely destocked), located in the rugged far northern tip of the Flinders Ranges, approximately 1 hour drive from Lyndhurst, and an eight hour drive from Adelaide.

The Northern Flinders contain some of the most challenging conditions and roads of the of the region and those who are willing to drive the extra couple of hours past Wilpena will be rewarded.

The best time to visit is in winter, where temperatures are more favourable and the fly count is reduced (a bit). The statistical probability of rain is the same on any day of the year - and we welcome it!

Where we are

Take the Strzelecki Track from Lyndhurst and you will see the signpost to Mt Freeling Homestead after approximately 40km and you will arrive at the Homestead after another 20km (aprox 1 hour total from Lyndhurst)

Our Facilities

The Mount Freeling shearers quarters have recently been upgraded, and offer basic but comfortable accommodation with 9 twin rooms, kitchen and ablution block.

The “Experience”

A great day trip from the Mt Freeling Homestead is to head to Mt Fitton which was a prosperous sheep property in its own right during the 1920's.

Mt Fitton Station is now part of Mt Freeling but the remains of the substantial homestead, complete with dilapidated piano and AGA stove can be seen. Just a few hundred metres on from the Mt Fitton homestead, you can see the remains of a copper mine and the results of a seismic test explosion that worked a bit better than expected!

Fortunately for the yellow footed rock wallabies, it provides the perfect habitat for them and you might be lucky enough to see a number of them displaying their rock hopping skills.

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