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Almerta Station

Shane & Paddy Rowe

(08) 8658 9076
[email protected]

About Us

Almerta is said to be aboriginal for ‘Pretty place to be or running water.
A new tourism experience has evolved and we want to share over 28,000 acres of rugged, beautiful grazing land with history and beauty rarely seen.

Our property is part of a community – bringing back the values of life which sometimes is lost in the day to day actions of existence. ‘Almerta will revive your senses’

Escape to Almerta, for memories that last!

Where we are

A family property situated on the Boolcunda Creek 20kms North of Carrieton.

Our Facilities

Many things can be organized for group’s if you choose. This type of experience is up to THE CLIENTS –we cater for their expectations and want them to enjoy our property/life for a couple of days.

Your general shopping fresh fruit, vegetables and meats etc can be done and put in the fridge ready for when you get here.

Organized activities for families- children and adults entertainment. Hiring of Yabbie nets and an organized picnics/BBQ’s down the water holes. And lots more. The surroundings at Almerta provide a ready-made environment for adventure.

Hike, cycle or drive and explore dry creek beds, see the wildlife and let your spirit run free.

With a wood fire place. Barbecue and outdoor fire facilities. Laundry facilities are available in the camp shower block. Linen available on request (one off fee) (quilt + cover, pillow + case, sheets, towels)

We have Six campsites at Almerta Station which are not being used at the time, can be used for picnic areas. Bush Toilets provided. Wood supplied at each camp site and shearers quarters facility.

If you wish to camp anywhere else on Almerta, prior permission is required

The “Experience”

Discover some of the most picturesque scenery in Flinders Ranges South Australia where our farm is your life for a couple of days. Your time here will give you a chance to reconnect.

Enjoy an active holiday that offers you the chance to see the Almerta Station in a way only locals do by walking along the gum creeks and interacting with the property owners. Explore our natural spring which retains water all year round, encompassing an ecosystem which forms an important habitant for fauna & flora. Clear running water, natural native fish, yabbies… It’s a place of silence and beauty.

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